Algae Research in Space

 Limnospira Fusiformis


Image credit: Erin Stamper


Image credit: Erin Stamper

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Research Update:

            The team recently completed Phase 1 of the algae growth research, which took place at the University of North Dakota’s Inflatable Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat. Currently, we are working on the analysis of our collected data and writing our first paper for publication.

            Our presentations at the 2021 Mars Society Annual Convention are gaining the attention of many in the aerospace industry. To gain a better understanding of this study, feel free to watch the presentations posted below.

            Erin successfully completed Phase 2 well plate studies and will be scaling up the project for in-depth laboratory trials. Initial results are very promising. With the continuation of Phase 2 research underway, the team remains laser focused on our work to take Spirulina to space!

Spirulina Algae Research Team


Dr. Kristen Miller

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Christine Arbizo


Larry Harrison


Terry Trevino


Erin Stamper


Jason Crushard

West Hawaii Exploration Academy Team 

Dr. Brian Murphy(WHEA)
Andrew Culverwell (WHEA Student)

Dr. Brian Murphy

Andrew Culverwell

Brian is a biomedical engineer and is currently working as a high school math and science teacher at West Hawaii Explorations Academy on the Big Island of Hawaii where he helps train the next generation of scientists and engineers. He received his bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and his doctorate, also in Biomedical Engineering, from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Brian also works as a medical/science writer helping to disseminate information about rare medical diseases. He and a few students from his school have recently become involved in the Spirulina in Space Project to help with data analysis. When not working, he enjoys spending time at the beach or hiking with his wife and 3 daughters.

Andrew is in his senior year at West Hawaii Explorations Academy, where he studies and implements machine learning for his engineering research project, the creation of a self-driving RC car. When he's not working with convolutional neural networks or analyzing data for the APUS microalgae study, Andrew is passionate about philosophy, which he believes is essential to building ethical artificial intelligence (for the prevention of evil robot uprisings, etc.). In his spare time, he enjoys creative writing, hiking, and playing guitar.

Back ground image credit: NASA